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***For any order(s) placed prior to June 20, 2021 please go to

& use your old credentials to access your order details.***

We got our makeover.....

We got our makeover.....




I placed my order on your old site and I'd like to find the order details.

No worries! We have all order information in our systems. You can also get access to your previous orders from our old site by logging on to using your original password. We will keep them available until we have all orders available under the new sites account information.


My flowers are no longer in my cart and my wishlist has disappeared, what do I do?

If you bookmarked any pages on our old site, the old URL will re-direct you to the same product page on the new FiftyFlowers site.


What will happen to my order that has been placed?

Nothing changes, you are all set for your special date!

However, don't forget you will need to reset your password to login to our new website.

Reset your password now.


Are flower costs getting a makeover as well?

For the time being, FiftyFlowers implemented a Save the Growers charge of $9.99 per box to help support our partner farms, accommodate the increased cost of productions, and to ensure that we can continue to bring you the best flowers for years to come. Want to learn more?


We are here to help!

Our customer care team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Please call or text (877) 507-6737 or if you prefer, live chat!