Yay A Wedding

We only used flowers for the bouquets, corsage/boutonnieres, and cake, so we didn't need a million of any particular flower. I ordered the delicate garden pack (medium) and one of the garden rose sample packs. I was indecisive on standard roses, so I bought two dozen quicksand roses from a floral wholesaler in Austin, but that was far too much. I also ordered 1 bunch designer amaranthus, 1 bunch silver dollar eucalyptus, 1 bunch seeded. We ordered many a green from Sam's Club because it was just so much cheaper and our only request was greens on the table. The garden roses from fifty flowers are so awesome, but the stems are a bit shorter than what I would have guessed. My wedding is coming up in April and I am buying the exact same packs for myself, in different colors. If you are looking for a way to save money, call your grocery store if you only need them to order one bunch of a particular green or flower, especially ones just to bulk up the better quality flowers you buy from here.

If you are trying to figure out what is what: tan roses (quicksand, from wholesaler in Austin) I think we opted for the powder pink garden roses and blush pink on the cake. I wasn't a fan of the pink Ohara because they came out PINK, and so if you see a picture with a vibrant pink tucked away, that was them. We purchased 150 carnations from Sam's, but they didn't open in time, and we ran out of time to do a carnation curtain. If you are thinking of doing it, just don't. Also, if wreaths or garlands are in your dreams, BUY THEM. I purchased greens to make 12 centerpiece wreaths and it was the worst thing I ever did to save $100. I promise it isn't worth it. FF has them, Sam's has them, Costco has them. Just pay someone to make it, because it is never ever ever worth it. I had 7 people making bundles of greens and five attaching them to wreaths and it took HOURS

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