Wow! I was so anxious and then SO DELIGHTED!

I have arranged flowers for decades, but only an arrangement here or there. I had never taken on this large a project. But, it was my son's wedding and I wanted something really personal. So, we had fun going through the web page, picking out colors and flowers. They showed up mostly as promised. (Federal Express failed to unload one box and they arrived a day late, but still in fine condition.) I followed the instructions and they opened perfectly. I had over ordered, but that was my ignorance. They say to plan on 10% loss, but with most of the flowers there was absolutely no loss. My favorite where the red and yellow roses. Simply AMAZING.

It was a lot of work, but at the end of the day - totally worth it. Folks told me they had never seen such lovely flowers before at a wedding and they did not believe me that I had done them myself.

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