Would Definitely Suggest!

My wedding was very simple. I only had six months and $5,000 to get it done. I went to a florist and the flower estimate was like $1,800. RIDICULOUS! I got all the corsages, boutonnieres, bouquets, centerpieces, and more that I needed for less than $900 from FiftyFlowers. They were PERFECT! They were packaged beautifully. I did the \"Wedding Flowers In A Box\" for the ceremony. Everything except for the petals came completely ready. The petals you have to pluck but the quantity of petals was perfect for the length of my aisle. The other flowers I just had to take them out of the box. For my centerpieces, I did the \"Centerpieces\" off the site. They were pre-separated. I had to cut the stems down but that was it. Beautiful and completely stress-free.

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