Woodland Gem Wedding

We exchanged vows on September 4, 2016 in the gorgeous Idaho woods. With our families and closest friends, we celebrated our next adventure. Our incredible wedding party and families helped us create every detail of the ceremony space and reception area. From the wood rounds, to the gorgeous signs, to the wooden bow ties; this was a DIY all hands-on wedding. With this generosity, our wedding day exceeded our vision; it was beyond incredible!

Keeping the woodland scenery in mind, the vision for the flower arrangements was to look organic with a nod to gem tones and whimsy. I wanted height with stock, playfulness like ranunculus and astrantia, and nostalgic touches like dahlias and spray roses.

Since we rented an AirBnB to host our wedding, we arrived several days earlier to set up. The flowers arrived as scheduled and my MOH, mom, and family friend greeted the boxes armed with shears, gloves, an abundant amount of 5-gallon buckets, and some libations. We were ready! We then stored the buckets in the utility room where was cool and dark for the flowers to hydrate. Each day we checked in and replenished the water and arranged the flower to have more room as they bloomed.

Saturday morning truckloads of friends and family arrived to help create the bouquets and centerpieces. The vision was for as many bouquets to be used around the space as possible. These bouquets came in handy for building the ceremony arch, the staircase of flowers, and other reception areas. Even my 10-year-old nephew caught the flower bug and was arranging centerpieces.

The wedding day felt like magic. Our first kiss as husband and wife was in the rain that came through at the end of the ceremony. Then the storm passed, the dance floor became full, and the rest of the night turned into our “Meyer ever after.”

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