Wonderful Experience, Gorgeous Flowers!

I was so pleased with this company, and would highly recommend them! I ordered Raspberry Althea Spray Garden Roses and the 50 rose wedding pack with "dark pink" and "white with pink tips" roses for my February 2011 wedding. I was having trouble deciding on what color roses to chose for the 50 rose pack, since they list a color and don't provide a photo for color reference, but one day I used their online chat to talk to someone from the company and they were so helpful! The colors turned out exactly as they described them to me; the "dark pink" was a beautiful raspberry pink that almost matched the spray roses I ordered, and the pink tipped roses were a soft white with a medium pink edge that looked stunning with the solid roses. After I placed my order online, they called me to confirm the order and the arrival date I chose, as well as to ask if I had any questions. On the day the flowers were supposed to arrive, I read online about how to care for them once you get them. They give detailed step-by-step instructions on what to do, and provide online and over the phone help. I will say that it does take a good bit of time to unwrap the roses, cut the stems, and prepare them once they arrive, so a busy bride may want to have someone else take care of them for her! After the boxes were delivered, I received another quick phone call to make sure that someone was there to take care of them, and that they weren't just sitting on the porch in the sun! I literally squealed with delight when I opened the boxes and saw my flowers. The garden roses had one to three large blooms per stem as well as many unopened buds, which were a nice addition to my arrangements. The only less than positive thing that I can say is that the garden roses did not open up as much as I would have liked; many of them were still tightly shut on my wedding day, and about half were open about a week later. They were gorgeous none the less, and I loved the contrast in texture between the standard roses and garden roses. Quality of the flowers and costumers service were above and beyond what I expected from an online company. I was a little nervous at first, but, everything turned out splendid!

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