With Love, From Detroit

What can be happier than receiving boxes upon boxes of fresh flowers on a cold, snowy February morning, just days before your wedding?! The ivory roses were by far my favorites of the bunch, such a beautiful soft color. Initially we'd considered that we would have enough time and energy to prepare all of the flowers ourselves, but realizing we'd taken on a bit too much, we found a local florist who agreed to handle the centerpieces while my mother, maid of honor, bridesmaids and I prepared the rest. Nearing the wedding day, it was satisfying to see all of our plans come to fruition. We had three wishes for our wedding day: that it would be beautiful, that the food would be delicious, and that our family and friends would have a great time celebrating with us. With the help of our beloved family and friends, our talented photographers, the gorgeous 122-year old church and our priest, the outstanding and elegant Colony Club reception venue, and the absolutely fantastic 16-piece band—with the help of all of these, my husband and I were so lucky to have our wishes come true!

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