Winter in October

When I started planning my wedding, I knew that I wanted to do my own floral arrangements. A friend of mine had used fiftyflowers previously, so I decided to go this route. My wedding was October 17th, so I was going for a fall theme. I wanted burgundy and orange flowers, and chose dahlias as my focus flower. I chose the white stock flowers, amaranthus, dried canary grass, willow fresh eucalyptus, and baby's breath to complement my dahlias and country copper wedding flowers. My mom and I planned to arrange them two days before the wedding. When the flowers started to arrive, I realized I highly underestimated the number of buckets I needed to put them all in without crowding! SO MANY FLOWERS, LOL!! I went and got additional buckets, I believe I used around 8-10 total...The country copper flowers looked so sad right out of the packaging but they really perked up over night and look amazing! The white stock flowers also were more beautiful than I expected! They added depth and a lovely cascading look to the bouquets. The dahlias were absolutely gorgeous and there really were some huge ones in the bunch. They were very delicate to work with, but we managed. One was broken in the box when they arrived (but they send extra to account for that) and we ended up breaking one more when doing the arrangements. We put the broken ones in a bud vase and even that looked so beautiful on our gift table. The only disappointment was the eucalyptus, which did not look good the day after I got it. Not sure what happened, but it really dried out, even in the buckets of water. Luckily there was enough to salvage for the bridal bouquet. Overall, we were very happy with our flower picks, and I would definitely order from fiftyflowers again! My flowers looked perfect on our wedding day.

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