Winter DIY Wedding

In planning our wedding I found floral prices to be outrageous. I am a pretty creative person so this was the DIY element I chose to take on for our wedding. I did a test run with one order of centerpieces to make sure I knew what was going on and what flowers to expect. Overall the process was stressful at times but enjoyable. A few things: leave yourself WAY more time than you think. All of our greenery was delivered late so we supplemented so that we could actually start with a trip to a nearby grocery store. Fifty flowers was working as well as they could to get us the delivery, but at certain points no one seemed to have an idea of when they might get delivered or even where it was. Because this was also an out of town wedding, there were some delivery issues with having to shuttle things across town. The flowers were stunning in the end, and the stress that can come with this process was worth the almost $3000 saved!

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