Who Needs a Florist When You Can DIY

I had searched for months for a florist for my wedding but got no where, as I couldn't justify dropping the almost 2 grand every place was quoting me for. After all, although they are beautiful flowers, I was not willing to spend the amount they were asking for something that would wilt and die within 24-48 hours. So I did some research and came across fiftyflowers.com. After reading so many positive reviews, I figured why not try them out, since I wanted simple flowers and knew I could create simple bouquets. I ordered the white roses, yellow roses, sunflowers and baby's breath, and my Aunt and cousin were kind enough to volunteer their efforts to putting together all my flowers for my wedding. We ended up dying several of the white roses navy blue to go with the color scheme of my wedding, and these flowers came out perfect! My Aunt and cousin went to work putting together bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and left over flowers towards the centerpieces. Not only did my flowers come out better than a professional, they cost me only $300, which is a steal in comparison to the florists who basically wanted my first born child in order to do my flowers. I cannot be happier with the quality of flowers I received from fiftyflowers, their excellent customer service, and their on time delivery. Some of the best flowers I've ever had!

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