White Polo Rose Test Run

The white polo roses appear to have similar characteristics as the white garden rose. For a fraction of the price I might just make my flower vision pair with my small budget so I ordered 25 polo roses to do a trial run before committing to the polo roses over the garden roses. My wedding is on a Sunday and the recommended delivery day would be Thursday, so shipping was perfect for an exact test. I followed the directions of removing foliage, removing guard petals, and trimming them. I also kept the water fresh and put flower food in it. 1/4 of the roses bloomed beautifully with 3-4 inch wide blooms that match garden roses in time, however two of those had browning petals on the outside. 1/2 were beautiful and almost fully bloomed at 2-3 inch wide measurements with a tight center. 1/4 of the roses were really disappointing because they hardly bloomed at all. I put some sugar in the water and placed them in full direct sunlight to see if they will bloom later. I don't know if I should order for a Wednesday shipment and hope that I don't need to toss 1/2 of my order for being "past prime" and "not close to blooming" when it comes to the big day. Overall I am pleased with this flower and will likely order these instead of the garden roses, but I really need full blooms when I order the full quantity to get the coverage I am hoping for with 20 centerpieces.

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