White Peony Wedding

I ordered 100 white peonies to be delivered 3 days before my daughter's wedding. They came right on time and opened up at just the right time. We used them to make 5 bridesmaids bouquets (about 7 flowers each) and a bridal bouquet (11 flowers). We put one flower in each square vase on the guest tables. I also made 4 corsages. To do that I just bought the rhinestone bracelets made for corsages on Amazon and glued one flower to the top. They were simple and beautiful. They smelled good too. We also used about 12 flowers on the cake. I was very pleased with my experience and basically had all the flowers I needed for the wedding for $300. What a deal! Making the bouquets was simple too. Just remove all the leaves, wrap the stems in florist tape, then glue on a ribbon wrap. To transport them to the wedding I used the box the flowers came in.....I closed the box and cut X's in the top for each bouquet. Then I wrapped the bouquet steps in wet paper towels, stuck the stems in a plastic bag and poked them through the X in the box.....They stayed upright for the car ride over and didn't get dry or crumpled. Very happy I chose to use FiftyFlowers :)

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