Whimsical Garden Wedding

First thing I have to say, ordering from Fifty Flowers was one of the best decisions I made during our wedding planning. I was skeptical at first ordering flowers online. I was nervous that they would all be wilted by the time they arrived. But with a lot of research and hours of reading other Bride's reviews, it changed my whole outlook! The website and staff was very helpful with explaining each type of flower's care instructions, it was almost too easy. I would have spent 1,000+ on flowers if it weren't for Fifty Flowers. Flowers were one of my top priorities on my wedding way, besides marrying my husband of course! I am such a creative, visual person, I wanted everything to look perfect involving the floral and Fifty Flowers was able to make that happen; with the help of my amazing co-worker, Ariana, putting together the bouquets and arranging the floral, it couldn't have been more perfect. A HUGE HUGE Thank You to Fifty Flowers and all that were involved!

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