When Life Gives You Weeds, Call FiftyFlowers

Finding FiftyFlowers was an answer to so many prayers and was the reason why my dreams were able to be made into a reality. When my future husband came home 2 weeks before our oceanside wedding with the news that he had been laid as part of a company-wide restructuring, we were beside ourselves with concerns of how we would be able to pull off our special day. With a local florist quote of well over $3,500, I knew I had to think of another plan to get through such a financial pressing situation. After a quick online search, I stumbled upon Fifty Flowers was flabbergasted to see such positive reviews and how much money I could save. My brother, who had some experience in floral arranging offered to help, along with a college friend/bridesmaid who had done some other friend's flowers in the past. We were a bit nervous about how fresh the flowers would be on the day of the wedding, but our experience ended up being exceptional. All our worries were laid to rest when the flowers arrived...they were BREATHTAKING! They were so beautiful that I actually got misty-eyed. The simple instructions were clear and easy to follow. The flowers that graced our wedding day were far more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined. They were perfection. The best part was that I was able to purchase everything in my original quote for well under $1,000 through your service! Thank you, FiftyFlowers! You helped turn a hard situation into our most beautiful memory.

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