Wedding Practice Run, So Much Fun!

My dear friend Nora offered to help me with the flowers for the Wedding and suggested a practice run so we looked up flower vendors and decided to use Fifty Flowers based on price and selection and reviews. The test run allowed us to test the service and practice with the flowers allowing me to learn when to order the flowers for the wedding.
First the box came in the morning to my doorstep and was immediately recognizable. I also got an email ping right away notifying me that they had been delivered. A few minutes later I got a call asking if I wanted any flower care instructions. They seemed pretty simple. One thing I would note is that the online instructions tell you to leave the cardboard on for at least four hours, which i did and the in the box instructions showed you cutting the stems underwater as individual roses. I took strong flower sheers and cut them all in a bunch in the cardboard. A single bunch fit fine in a vase but for the wedding i'll have to buy some buckets.
When we prepped the flowers I took off ~3-5 guard petals and found the next day that I probably should have averaged more like 5-7. We got some greens and irises from the market and did 2 practice centerpieces and a bouquet. The last 2 pictures are Saturday and Sunday respectively after arranging friday, the night i received the flowers. For the wedding I will order for delivery Thursday morning since i think they could use the full 24 hours to open pre arraigning but based on the wilting on sunday i won't order wednesday for fear of them going bad by saturday. We also found that we will need to order more irises than I originally thought we would need. There was only one brownish rose that we received and next time I would throw it out. However one bad rose in 25 is pretty good. This was a very positive test, it was easy to prep the flowers and easy to use them. I will be ordering from Fifty Flowers for the wedding with confidence that my wedding flowers will be perfect.

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