Wedding Flowers at Malaga Cove Library

Aaron and I had been together for 10 years. We met in San Francisco, while we were both working at a restaurant in the Haight-Ashbury district. Our first years were filled with romantic and fun outings all over SF, including City Lights bookstore and rides on the ferries. We moved in Long Beach where Aaron and Paizha both went to school (for Engineering, and for Library Science) - bookish people, hence the bookish centerpieces! After a long engagement (2 years) due to COVID-19, we were finally able to get married at the beautiful public space generously provided by the Malaga Cove Public Library. Our flowers couldn't have been more beautiful - glowing with orange, peach, and green fern. We chose orange because of it's fun, youth, and vibrancy, and we chose ferns because they represent long-lasting love to us. Having spent lots of time in the Northern California redwoods (living in Humboldt, SF, and hiking Yosemite), we love nature and ferns have sentimental value to us (ferns existed before grass!). Fifty Flowers enabled us to customize our flowers, and keep within our budget. If we had gone with a florist, it would have been the same price for plain white roses with only some greenery, and no bridesmaid bouquets or boutonnieres! I couldn't be happier with the bargain, DIY instructions, and beauty of the flowers and greenery we received.
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