We Did It!

This June, my cousin Marie got married. We grew up spending weeks to months of each year together and in the time between, we would write letters at least weekly. When I heard she was engaged, I asked if I could do the flowers for her wedding as a gift. I was honored that she accepted. Now began the fun part! FiftyFlowers was an indispensable resource, offering creative flower and greenery packs that could be customized by color, and providing guides and DIY videos of flower handling and bouquet-building.

We ordered a specific set of showstopping flowers for the bridal bouquet and cake and a wide variety of others for the 16 centerpieces and boutonnieres. We augmented everything with native ferns and cedar to integrate the beauty of the Pacific Northwest into the design, and we used Marie's family hunting tartan ribbon in the boutonnieres and to wrap the bridal bouquet, literally tying the floral design together with a symbol of her family's Scottish heritage. Guests and caterers raved about the flowers all evening, and when my aunt went to the caterer to thank them for their fantastic work a week later, the flowers were all the caterers could talk about!

To me, the flowers were a physical embodiment of the love inspiration, and vitality that flowed freely throughout the event and I am humbled to have been a part of something so beautiful.

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