Waaaay Beyond Expectation

The flowers for our daughter's wedding were perfect. Absolutely perfect. I couldn't believe the all arrived without being limp, let alone deceased.

So many people asked where we'd gotten them...they were absolutely beautiful.

We made about 30 arrangements to hang from the end of the chairs (outdoor wedding); for the bride and bridesmaids to gather together about 2 hours before the wedding and make their own bouquets (that was great--wonderful, easy-going bridesmaids and bride); friends came the night before to put the centerpieces together (3 hydrangeas, a couple of stems of Solomio, in rectangular vases from Ikea); we had so many flowers we were able to fill another dozen glass vases and place throughout; and took all of the many other peonies, roses, greens and put them into huge square baskets that we put here and there. It was so beautiful.

Only advice: I ordered far too many greens. Probably 4x as many as we needed. Also, if I had to choose one flower to have left off the order, it'd be the Rununculus. They are lovely, but don't make as much of an impact as the peonies and those amazing carey roses.

50Flowers was so helpful about when each flower needed to arrive, and we followed instructions. We had to call once for advice and the customer service rep was great.

So...my highest recommendation for 50Flowers. [Will submit better photos as soon as we get them]

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