Vintage Berry Elegance

From the beginning of my wedding planning, one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to arrange my own flowers. As the wedding got closer, I got kind of nervous and contacted a florist to make the bouquets and few tiny arrangements. Her work was beautiful; but having done the centerpieces and the rest of the wedding flowers, I feel certain that I could have tackled all of the flowers! I was lucky because my sister in law had some florist experience; and helped me; so much! I know it's been said before; but the Fifty Flowers customer service goes so above and beyond a normal company. Texts, phone calls, emails, plus the awesome website and stellar products made the whole process painless and almost easy! Processing the flowers took a lot longer than I thought; but was very easy. I had practiced before using the Oasis Foam; so creating arrangements was actually very simple, as well. Everything was way more time consuming than I originally realized; but the outcome was so perfect. Each flower came so well packaged, that we literally didn't lose one bloom. I was stunned. After the wedding, there were still spray roses, tons of greenery, roses and carnations left over; and I was sad that they would die; but when my new hubby and I got back from our week long honeymoon, they were still gorgeous!! I've included some pictures of those arrangements too. I also included a picture of my bouquet, to show that the quality and ascetic of the Fifty Flowers product is exactly the same, as the florist. I'm so grateful that I found Fifty Flowers and that because of them, my wedding flower fantasies came true!! P.S. in addition to the rose combo pack and the amazing scabiosa, I ordered the burgundy fuchsia anemone and Italian ruscus.

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