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Bright copper kettles? Check. Warm woolen mittens? Check. A girl in a white dress with a blue satin sash? Also check. The only thing missing at our Sound of Music wedding was Captain Von Trapp himself (which is fine, because I got to marry my own Austrian hottie). When planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to celebrate his Austrian heritage, our combined love of vintage aesthetics, and the Bavarian spirit of "Gemütlichkeit" (good spirits, cheer, companionship). I walked down the aisle to a cello arrangement of Edelweiss, my (now) Father-

We relied heavily on tradition, craft, heirlooms, and community. Every detail- from the Salzburg buttons on my sleeves to the candied orange slices in the floral arrangements to the Black Forest cake- was full of thought, intention, and love. As someone who's always loved crafting cheap bouquets from Trader Joe's flowers, I was SO excited for the challenge of doing my own wedding arrangements! We really wanted some pops of cheer in our vintage, greenery-based arrangements, so we LOVED the idea of the Goodnight Bahlia included.
Also, the candied oranges are a Christmastime tradition that both of our Great Great grandmothers used to do (thin slices, oven dried for like 4 hours at 200 degrees. Normally they're strung up into a banner!).

I also purchased 10 bunches of Moon Lagoon Eucalyptus, 100 stems White Carnations, and 10 bunches of Goodnight Bahlias (though they were a separate order, and the website wouldn't let me write a review for both). The carnations were tiny and cute (and I didn't count but it felt like WAY more than 100 stems), and the Bahlias were some STURDY flowers, let me tell ya. I used them pretty much everywhere-- including my hair! By the end of the day-- even when the bobby pins had all given up (see first dance photo)-- the flower bloom was still in tact. We actually ended up just pinning it to the lace on my dress by the end (not pictured)! The only thing to note is that occasionally the blooms were so sturdy, they would just pop off the stem if you pulled too much, so.....use caution. Also, there were one million stems of Moon Lagoon Eucalyptus (which was honestly the prettiest smoky green ever). We ended up using them in everything, including tucked into the curtains (pictured).
In addition I bought some seeded eucalyptus from Sam's Club.....needless to say, we had PLENTY of extras.

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