Vibrant Fall Florals

Our wedding could not have been a more magical day. Never in my life have I felt more cherished, loved, or beautiful as I did on my wedding day. It definitely wasn't perfect; a bunch of little things went wrong and it was incredibly hot, but I wouldn't have changed a thing. That September Labor Day, under a cloudless Indiana sky, with everyone who meant something to us sweating alongside us, was the best way to declare our love and promise on forever.

When I was dreaming about my wedding, the florals were very important for the aesthetic of the day. Of course I cared about the overall feel, the experience, the meaningful details, but the one aspect that stood out about how it would look were the florals. I had big dreams. I wanted lush, vibrant flowers, a cascading, wild bouquet, and tons of colors.

I knew to achieve the look I wanted I was going to need a variety of flowers and a ton of them, and a small budget made that dream difficult. I price compared different online vendors and FiftyFlowers offered the best prices and had amazing reviews. Luckily, a friend of my family and young florist agreed to arrange them for us.

The week of the wedding everything seemed in order, until I got a notification saying my flowers were delayed. I tried not to panic. Almost immediately I was notified by FF that they had called FedEx to ensure the flowers would be stored properly overnight. Cue breathing again.

The flowers arrived the week before our Sunday wedding and they were gorgeous! Almost every bloom was perfect and the colors were even more vibrant than online. When I saw the bouquets the day of the wedding, I couldn't help but tear up, because they were even more beautiful than I had imagined. I felt they captured the feel of our wedding and fit our personalities perfectly. The number one comment we got about the wedding wasn't about the venue, the ceremony, or even me, the bride, but about how beautiful all the flowers were! They were lush, in perfect bloom, and fragrant.

We made all the bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres, as well as arch pieces and a flower crown out of these flowers. Not included in this exact order, but also bought were Red Astilbe, Asparagus Fern, and Blue Hydrangea. I couldn't believe how many stems we had and how far they went, especially staying within my budget.

Even now, months later, I am blown away by how gorgeous the bouquets turned out and could not have hoped for a better experience with FiftyFlowers. The only downside to such beautiful florals is that the bees find them beautiful too!

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