Upstate Blissful Boho Winery Wedding

My name is Andrea. My friend Stephanie and Shawn got married on October 26th, 2018 at a winery she use to work at. I may add that it is America's oldest winery! She absolutely looked stunning on her wedding day! From the moment she knew she was getting married, she asked me to help her plan her wedding...mostly with the decor and flowers. I am a lover for design and decor! We went to a florist to get pricing, she thought about it for a second and turned to me and said "you're doing my flowers!" I knew about Fifty Flowers so I started my flower research for making bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres and got to planning! She gave me her ideas...colors....and we put it all together so perfectly, just the way she wanted. Centerpieces were lanterns with a candle inside with greenery and amaranthus wrapped around the bottom of lantern. It lit up the table so beautifully. The bouquet I made for Stephanie was a very large, overflow of eucalyptus and amaranthus hanging, and a mix of dahlias, ranunculus, roses, and thistle wrapped with long velvet burgundy ribbon. Her maid of honor had a smaller version of her bouquet. The groom and 2 dads had boutonnieres of eucalyptus and thistle....very simple yet so nice! Stephanie wanted something unique and different for the 2 moms and grandmas, so I made the corsage as a gold cuffs with flowers on top! I dressed up the entire venue with the greenery. You can do so much with just greens and add some pop of color with some flowers and it looks absolutely amazing! I decorated the space with all my decor that I have collected over the years to do birthday parties, wedding showers and baby Stephanie knew she did not want to spend extra on decor! I told her I would be honored to do her wedding. We did most of the decor set up the day before the wedding and on the day of the wedding, Stephanie came to my house to get ready and while she and her maid of honor were getting ready, I was able to go back to do my finishing touches on everything!! Fifty Flowers is the best website for ordering flowers to do DIY. I had so much putting together bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, ceremony decor, reception decor...I love decorating and design, a true passion of mine and when Stephanie asked me to be a part of her day I was so happy. To see the final work of the flowers and greenery in its place, ready to be shown off to guest was such a great feeling to say that I was able to DIY this beautiful wedding, for my beautiful friend.

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