Two-Day Camp Style Celebration!

Our wedding was 2 nights and 3 days. We rented out a retreat center & kids camp on a lake near our home, so our 140 guests (including 30 kids) could all stay together for the weekend. We had two big parties - a fun Indian (Sangeet) the night before and then the wedding reception the following day. Plus all the meals for the weekend were served in the same room as both the parties. That meant we had to do some tricky and careful planning for flowers! We needed the flowers to a) below maintenance since we were doing them ourselves and had to pack everything in and out, b) last for the entire weekend, c) have different looks for the 2 different parties. The Snow White Flower Table Centerpieces were perfect! We ordered 22 for 17 tables so we'd have extra for side tables and decorations. We used just the pre-made centerpieces for Friday night, then on Saturday, we added Blush Pink Wholesale Garden Roses to each arrangement. The tables ended up looking totally different for the two different parties and it was perfect. In a few places, we added in a couple hydrangeas clipped from my mom's garden, but that was it. Everything else came ready to cut and arrange! It was a lot of work for my mom, cousin, and sister getting them all prepped and on the tables, but waaaaay less work than making the centerpieces ourselves, so ordering pre-arranged was huge. We got all of our flowers for the whole weekend for under what just a few centerpieces would have cost us locally. I was thrilled to be able to have the lush, flower-filled wedding I dreamed of and still stay on budget. Plus the pre-done Boutonnieres & Corsages saved us a ton of work and looked great! This is my second time ordering from FiftyFlowers and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Simple, easy, and perfect!

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