Two Brides on Cape Cod

Columbus Day weekend on the Cape. Two brides, and a whole lotta love and fun! We wanted to use purple kale as the main eye catcher, but ended up having to substitute succulents. (Many thanks to Katie at FiftyFlowers for quick crisis management and logistics for day before shipment.) Sadly, the purple kale wasn't coming in as purple. Either way, all turned out beautifully! And, as often happens, I think the substitute choice ended up better than our original choice! The colors were fabulous, and I am still enjoying the succulents, 6 weeks later (they started to root, so I planted them). We had plenty of flowers, and used leftovers to decorate hors d'oevre trays, sign in tables, etc. Would highly recommend this route. Not only was it fun to do (we had a group of 8 of us!), it was a great way to relax and enjoy the day before the wedding!

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