Transforming the Cross at Easter

Each Easter, we transform a cross to symbolize our beliefs. The photos tell about our process: (1) remove the flowers from the boxes, and clean and place them in the water, (2) follow the care instructions from Fifty Flowers to ensure that the flowers have opened, (3) cut the stems to approximately 3" in length and place the flowers at the altar of the church, (4) begin to transform the cross--we place wide rubber bands on the cross & then every person places a carnation under a rubber band, (5), the finished cross--after the services we place it outside on the front porch of the church for the neighborhood to enjoy and use as a photo op, and (6) one week later the cross is still on the front porch, and although the flowers have dried, the colors are still vibrant and the cross still looks beautiful.

Every year people comment on the beautiful flowers and how the transformed cross symbolizes our beliefs.

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