Trailer Park Wedding!

Our love story started over twenty years ago, him a donut delivery guy, and I a waitress at a pizza joint, we shared a love of pinball, but sadly not much else at the time so I moved away to school, he moved away with his girlfriend, and decades passed. Kids were born, stars aligned, and we shared a zip code once again! We started dating and he finally came to his senses and asked for my hand! Before I had a chance to answer, I knew my BFF since grade school would have to do the flowers! She is an amazing flower goddess! She knew about FIFTY FLOWERS and was super jazzed to deck out our day with flowers and pizzaz! So thankful for her vision and for FIFTY FLOWERS making our day better than my wildest Pinterest Dreams. Without her DIY know how, I would never have been able to afford such absolute GLAM. She used Feather Eucalyptus Greenery, Lilac Wedding Kale, Antique Lavender Spray Roses, White Astilbes, Polo White Roses, Purple Magic Thistles, Cedar Greenery, Succulents, and Curly Willow Branches to create her dramatic floral pieces. Thanks to FIFTY FLOWERS and to my ride or die for the Trailer Park Wedding of my dreams!

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