Toby & Linda's Wedding

Thank you FiftyFlower for my Beautiful Mini Red Enhanced Sunflowers and Farm Mix Mini Sunflowers. I had planned to grow all my own flowers, but they did not bloom in time. So, two weeks before the wedding, I needed Flowers! I check with two local florists an was told that their supplies did not offer the variety of sunflowers I was looking for. Not to mention the pricing for buying the flowers bulk was not that great of a deal. So, I looked at your site. I was skeptical of buying online and having the flowers shipped. But, you had what I wanted and I did it!!! The flowers arrived when promised and they were beautiful. I was able to have then shipped to my office so that I could take delivery of them personally. The company had called several times and sent text messages updating me throughout the process, delivery, arrival and preparation. I could not have asked for better customer service. The quality of the flowers was amazing. I was able to text the company to get exact directions for storing and blooming the flowers the days prior to the wedding. I followed their directions and the morning before the wedding I went out and made my centerpieces and bouquets. I took the centerpieces to the hall, we decorated and set everything up. The next day when I arrived at the reception the flowers were just as beautiful! I arranged all my own flowers, it made them that more meaningful. I did add Cattails and Cattail "spears" from our pond to the centerpieces and I added colored wheat to the bouquets to enhance the flowers. I think they turned out better than if a florist had done them. I had countless compliments and many of my family members took centerpieces home to enjoy after the celebration. I also left some loose flowers for my cake designer to use on the cake. As you can see from the pictures they looked awesome on the cake!!! The quality of the flowers was very impressive and the price was reasonable. I would definitely order flowers again for an event and would highly recommend Fifty Flowers to anyone looking for gorgeous flowers for any event. Thank you FiftyFlowers for bringing my vision to reality and helping me create a stunning touch to our Rustic/Hunting Themed Wedding. You helped make our special day beautiful and memorable. I hope you enjoy our photos.

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