They went the extra mile to help us out!

Beautiful flowers! Great quality. Arrived exactly when expected. Packed well. We forgot to order way in advance to pre-reserve the flowers, so when we went online one week before, the date we wanted them delivered was already gone. So we called the company, and they went the extra mile to help us out- and they found more flowers for us! We really appreciated that! Thank-you very much! The wedding was perfect and the day was wonderful.
We were unsure of how fast they would open though, so we stored them in a cool room- about 64-67, and put them in buckets of cool water. They looked great on the wedding day, which was 3 days after delivery. on the 5th day, they were fully open and mom is enjoying them still! So that might help you decide about putting them into warm water if you want them more open at the wedding. the company gave us good instructions about how to cut the stems and care for them when they arrived. Everything was gorgeous! Thank-you very much!

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