They called ME!

My wedding weekend was a disaster, literally. We got married just outside of Binghamton, New York, which was almost completely under water just days before I was getting married. My flowers were scheduled to arrive on Thursday morning and I was not surprised to learn that they were unable to deliver them, because the roads were all flooded. I headed to my wedding venue and hoped they would arrive on Friday, but the roads were still impassible. My wedding venue, I should mention, was a campground in the middle of nowhere with almost zero cell phone reception, so calling Fifty Flowers was difficult to say the least. We went back and forth many times to figure out how I could pick up the flowers. What impressed me so much about Fifty Flowers was when I was unable to reach them, they actually called me back, saying that they had missed my call. They also called FedEx multiple times for me to confirm my pickup and gave me a refund because the flowers had not been delivered as we initially agreed. And, when I got my flowers, they were absolutely gorgeous and still are, five days later. THANK YOU!

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