The Stran Wedding

We were so lucky to be able to have our wedding at my uncle's winery in CA. We are very laid back and we planned everything ourselves! We have such a great family that helped out so much with getting everything ready, including the beautiful flowers! While shopping around for wedding vendors for everything I met with a florist that would have charged $2800! I knew flowers would be super expensive but we weren't wanting anything crazy or even that much so I looked for other options and found fifty flowers. Our fabulous family was all about taking the day before to help create the bouquets and centerpieces and make everything super special and perfect for SO much cheaper!!! Also, a big bonus with fifty flowers is they do Military discounts. My husband is a Marine and it is always nice to see when business' support veterans :-) Our wedding was late afternoon on a Saturday so on Friday we (mainly my aunt lol) put together all the flowers. She was able to create just what I was hoping for and I love that I can say the flowers came from love! The flowers were beautiful and I had a huge (and pretty heavy I might add lol) bouquet! I had 2 bridesmaids and 5 junior bridesmaids. The juniors wouldn't put their mini bouquets down ALL NIGHT. Danced their little hearts holding onto them and collected as many other flowers they possibly could lol. We took my bouquet and the bigger bridesmaids bouquets and stuck them in vases after the ceremony to use as centerpieces on the head table to have tons of flowers on the tables and all over the place. There was the perfect amount of flowers (more than I would have even got if I used an actual florist) and the colors were absolutely amazing. In fact, people who attended the wedding, including the waiters, loved all the flowers so much people were asking if they could take some home at the end of the night. Unfortunately some people didn't ask and grabbed the vases as well so here's your warning to use vases you don't care about or didn't cost much because they will disappear! We had quite a few vases/centerpieces that were missing when we were cleaning up the next day. But, that just shows the flowers were a big hit!
I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out and all the help we had from our family to make our day so perfect and stress free :-) I am definitely one of the brides that would do it all over again because I loved every minute of it!

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