The Stewart Wedding- Dinosaurs and Vows

Our "how we met" story is a little complicated, so the short version goes like this: We knew each other in high school and we knew all the same people; but we never thought to date until hanging with a mutual friend (also known from high school) until a summer break after my freshman year in college. We were "high-five central" and realized we were better off as just friends and went our separate ways. Eight years later, we met again on new years. (Thanks to another mutual high school friend.) After going through kind of a personal rough patch, it was easily the best year New Years I've ever had. After much catching up with our circle of friends, Jordan and I soon realized we were always just around the corner from one another in those eight years. Somehow, the night lead up to a small hole-in-the wall type bar with a Foosball Table. Throughout the night we laughed, we drank, we made a bet on on Foosball--and I kicked his butt. Long story short, he proposed to me a little over two years later.

We knew we wanted to celebrate our friends and family in a special way for our wedding and our vendor team and venue allowed us to make this possible. (A little back story, I my mother wore my grandmother's gown when she was married. We wanted to restore the entire dress but we could only restore the top half and even then, some areas call for a complete redesign. The sleeves were the original design with original buttons.) The colors were peach and navy. My grandmother's colors were peach. Both weddings for my parents and Jordan's parents were blue.) The bouquets were a combination of my bridesmaids (my best friends and sister in law) favorite flowers: Tulips, Gerbera Daisies, Peonies, and Anemones. (We also used garden roses, as these were my favorite and also the flowers used by my grandmother and mother.) Fernbank Museum of Natural History holds a special place for Jordan, myself, and our friends. This was a common field trip destination. (I'll admit, I always had an affinity for dinosaurs growing up in the days of the movie "We're back!" (My favorite) along with the original Jurassic Park movies and Land Before Time. Fernbank had much to offer in both substance and beauty and I couldn't be happier with our venue. We plan to visit each anniversary and it will be a great place to take our family in the future.)

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