The Perfect Mix of DIY and Professional Magic

We had the perfect wedding day, but we couldn't have done it without the amazing family members and fantastic professionals who helped us make everything come together. We had a morning ceremony and brunch to follow. This was perfect for us as it was really close to Christmas and it allowed people to travel for the holiday, and we got the most amazing light at the venue. The flowers really ended up being one of my favorite pieces of the puzzle. Instead of a rehearsal dinner, we had an open house and hosted out of town guests (mainly family) for some together time and enlisted anyone who was willing to help to prepare the centerpieces. I had spent a little time online learning about floral arranging and had bought the vases in bulk and had the other supplies ready. My soon to be husband had actually prepped all of the flowers per the directions when they arrived 2-3 days before. I experimented with the first bouquet to get the look I was going for and then everyone pitched in and followed the pattern. It ended up being a great time of conversation and is one of my favorite memories from the experience. We put aside some of our favorite blooms and my grandmother put together my bridal bouquet. (She also made my dress...she's pretty talented). The flowers held up great and they were truly the centerpiece of the reception room because we had very minimal decor.

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