The Perfect Flowers For My Wedding

FiftyFlowers was incredible from start to finish. I got married just after a holiday weekend (7/7, with July 4th falling mid-week) and Fifty Flowers worked with the farms to secure a good delivery time so that the flowers would live longer. I did not ask them to do this, they took it upon themselves to reach out to the farm, secure a more favorable delivery time, and ask if I was okay with that. YES! They were amazing with customer service - I called maybe 5 times before the delivery just to ask different questions about storing, working with floral foam, recommendations for flower care, etc. The flowers arrive on time, in perfect condition, bloomed/opened beautifully in the amount of time Fifty Flowers said they would. I worked with my mom, aunts, and bridesmaids to create all 16 centerpieces, 2 large arrangements, my bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 3 arbor pieces, 6 bouts, 3 corsages, and we still had plenty of flowers left over to spread petals fully down the aisle. We even decorated the cake with flowers! One thing I urge is to not underestimate the amount of help you need from de-leafing/thorning to arranging. There's a job for everyone if you're making EVERYTHING in a short amount of time! Between the customer service and the product, I would strongly recommend FiftyFlowers to EVERYONE. If you want a company that you will have no worries about AND pay wholesale prices for, you won't find any better. I will definitely be using FiftyFlowers again and will recommend them to everyone I know!

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