The perfect coral rose!

I was lucky enough to throw the bridal shower for my future daughter-in-law. Her main wedding color was coral, and she wanted the "burlap and lace" look, so I wanted to use this theme at the shower. I decorated 14 mason jars with burlap and lace ribbon, then filled each with 7-8 Coral Sherbet Big Fun Roses, with the stems cut down. We placed these beautiful rose-filled jars everywhere - on the food table, on the cake table, on the sign-in table, on the gift table, on the dining tables, on the fireplace mantel, in a bookshelf with a photo display, The roses TRANSFORMED the entire space! Not only was my daughter-in-law bride thrilled with them, but everyone at the shower said it was the prettiest shower they'd ever been to! Oh, and, your customer service department was extremely helpful in telling me how to get my roses to open up for that nice "full" look - thank you, it worked perfectly!

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