The Flowers Were Incredible!!!

I had first considered ordering my flowers from a local grocery store, until I started comparing prices. I was skeptical to purchase from them online, so I decided to setup a conference call with Violet from Fifty Flowers. I told her my colors and the flowers that I was thinking of. She helped me decide quantities that I needed based on the size of my vases and helped steer me to the best flowers. For instance, one I had liked was dyed the pink color and she said that would make the water pink (which I didn\'t want). She even offered me a discount for being a bride. \n\nThe day the flowers came was so exciting!!! I will warn you that they didn\'t all show up on one truck, so I got a little worried when the first FedEx truck came and not all the flowers were there. The second FedEx truck was actually a refrigerated truck. While it wasn\'t there by 10:30am, it came a few hours later. I had all the flowers come on Thursday for our Saturday wedding. We did all the prep to the flowers Thursday, then did the arrangements on Friday. I turned the air conditioning down to 68 in my house for two days to keep the flowers alive and it worked great. I kept them in my dining room with all the blinds closed to keep it darker. \n\nI had also ordered rose petals for the aisle as well as created a circle of white petals for our ceremony site. Those arrived great as well. \n\nThe dahlias were the biggest surprise. They seemed quite \"sleepy\" but by Saturday they were gorgeous!!!! They were better than I could have even expected. I wouldn\'t hesitate at all to order from FiftyFlowers again. My house smelled so great and was so full of life with all the flowers. I wish I had a reason to order from them again. Lastly, I went to my local grocery store florist and she gave me free buckets to put the flowers in once they arrived which worked perfectly.

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