The English Moors in the Rocky Mountains

Many different elements go into the planning of a wedding, each one carefully thought out to reflect the heart and personality of the couple, but there is one thing that brings the vision together; the flowers.

When I began the planning process, I envisioned saying my vows on the misty moors of England surrounded by beautiful wild heather and rustic greenery. This dream was inspired by my older sister reading The Secret Garden to me as a child. There were only a few logistical problems with this plan, the main one being I live in Boise, Idaho and had no connections to anyone with “english moors real estate.”

I set my “plan b” into motion, placed flower ideas on the back burner and searched for the perfect dress. Racks of rejected dresses later I was even more discouraged and was convinced I would be walking down the aisle in something ill fitting and off white. I scoured the internet and finally happened upon the perfect dress being sold second hand. I contacted the seller and asked her where she lived. Nearly falling off my chair at her answer, she was just across the pond, in ENGLAND! Not only did I make a new pen pal, now my wedding dress was coming from England and I could see glimmers of my original vision coming back to life.

As a self-declared creative, I knew I wanted to customize my flower arrangements with the help of my sisters. In my search for flower companies I stumbled across Everything was so beautiful but so overwhelming! With the many options I couldn't decide what would look good together or how much I would need to order. Feeling like nothing but a thin wedding veil was holding back my tears I decided to schedule a flower consultation. Honestly, I thought it would be a quick chat and they would tell me about the many different flowers they sell, yada yada.

I received a phone call from Violet at and it changed everything. Violet listened to me explain my vision, looked at my inspiration photos and talked me through each stem to support my wedding theme. Violet quickly became my favorite person after our phone call and I felt relief of knowing I didn't have to figure it out by myself.

Ready or not, our wedding day arrived and so did our highly anticipated flowers! Surrounded by beautiful, fresh bundles it was like my very own secret garden while my sisters and I created each special arrangement. I carefully picked each flower and started to arrange my bouquet, thinking about how each stem added their own life to my vision. The heather was the binding element of the arrangements and transported me from the Rocky Mountains to the English Moors.

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