Thanksgiving Dinner

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year so I wanted to make sure the table was set and everything looked great for my guest. I went on line and found fifty flowers. They were incredible. I knew I wanted fresh greens, I went on their site typed in green floral and numerous images came up. I chose what I liked which was the Eucalyptus wedding DIY bouquet and ordered it. The box of florals arrived two days before the event. It came with each bundle neatly tied so that you can arrange them how ever you choose. It was literally fool proof. I am not an event coordinator nor am I an interior decorator. I just wanted a lovely table. I loved how easy this process was. Lynn, my contact person, was assigned to me from the moment I placed the order. She made sure I knew the order was ready and had been shipped. She checked on me to make sure I received my order and if I was satisfied with my purchase. Well, I was more than satisfied!!!! The table looks amazing. It was exactly the way I had envisioned it only better. Thanks Fifty Flowers for making the average person with no floral experience, look like they own a Floral business!!! I will definitely be using you again!!!

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