Test run for the big day

For the big day I'm envisioning tons of flowers, and I know that using a florist would blow my budget out of the water, so I'm planning to do them myself. In order to ensure everything goes smoothly right before our wedding I decided to order this dahlia and ranunculus combo pack in light pink so I could see what the experience was like ordering from Fifty Flowers. Right from the beginning, their customer service was fantastic: I got a text confirmation immediately, and a phone call the next day to see if I had any questions/concerns. The day of delivery the flowers arrived before noon, and I followed the instructions on the box immediately to give them a fresh cut and put in water. Shortly after, I got another phone call from them, which was an automated message giving me instructions on how to care for the flowers, which I really appreciated since I'm not particularly green of thumb.
Upon arrival there were more blooms than promised in the description, which was good about half of the dahlias were partially crushed and a little bruised. I was hoping they'd perk up more once trimmed and put in fresh water, but sadly the crushed ones stayed a little lopsided and brown. The ranunculus were mostly closed, but blossomed beautifully over the next few days. Five days later, most of the dahlias have died, but a handful of the smaller ones are actually still looking beautiful, and the ranunculus have continued to open up and become more and more gorgeous. I think when I order for our wedding I'll order ranunculus on its own and get them three or four days before the ceremony because they are just stunning once they open up.
Over all, I'm quite happy with my Fifty Flowers experience, and can't wait to get my big order together for the wedding!

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