Test Order Win with Fantastic Customer Service!

My big DIY project for my wedding is the flowers. I wanted a ton of them, so going through a florist would likely have cost my entire wedding budget. In order to prepare for the big day, we ordered a test batch of flowers from two vendors--Peachy Pink Fado Roses from FiftyFlowers, and Vendela roses from the other vendor. First, I must say the customer service at FiftyFlowers is fantastic. I got a call confirming my order and the shipping date, which was very reassuring. The roses arrived right on schedule, and I received an email notification that they were out for delivery, which was helpful because the delivery man did not knock on the door, and it was below zero the day they were shipped, so the roses would have died if they were left out too long.
When the roses arrived on a Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised at the size and quality of the Fado rose. The buds alone were the size of my fist! I immediately prepped them per instructions, and already by the end of the day they were looking great. By Wednesday, they had opened up quite a bit. By Thursday when we assembled them, they looked very well. The flowers were put together by my mother, grandmother, bridesmaid, aunts, and myself. Only two of the roses had experienced any kind of freezer burn, and we were able to remove the dead petals and twist floral wire around the stem to "revive" them.
I intend to order from FiftyFlowers for my wedding. We decided on Apricot Garden Roses, Peachy Pink Fado Roses, Vendela Roses, Creamy White Spray Roses, and a Small Wedding Greenery batch.

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