Sweetwater Floral Design Classes

Get ready to expand your floral knowledge with Sweetwater North Floral Design classes. Kalin will walk you through different floral arrangements and show you how to create fun designs! Once the flowers are shipped to your doorstep, watch your corresponding Sweetwater design videos.

Sweetwater Patriotic Flower Kit


Sweetwater White Water DIY Wedding Kit

from $79.99

Sweetwater Bright and Cheery Flower Pack

from $84.99

Sweetwater Deluxe Flower Pack

from $299.99

Sweetwater Summer Dream Flower Pack

from $259.99

Sweetwater Thanksgiving DIY Flower Kit

from $79.99

Sweetwater Make Your Own Wreath


Sweetwater Christmas DIY Flower Kit

from $69.99

Sweetwater My Funky Valentine Flowers

from $69.99

Sweetwater Cupid's Garden Valentines Flowers

from $59.99

Sweetwater Sweet Mom DIY Flowers

from $79.99

Sweetwater Cool Mom DIY Flowers

from $79.99

Sweetwater Design Live Bunch Cutter Add-on

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