Survived the heat and put on a good show

I'd say the most nerve-wracking part of doing the flowers for this wedding (not my first floral rodeo) was transporting them from my house up to the wedding location in the mountains. My husband helped secure the centerpieces in the shipping boxes - don't ditch those! - and the loose flowers were in buckets with some icey water, but the Vehicle of Choice was an un-air conditioned old van and it was 100F out that day. BUT, they made it better than I expected (carnations and Baby's breath are champions, in particular). The second most stressful thing was when the large refrigerator, with temperature dialed up to be flower-friendly, decided to wonk out and freeze the lilies anyway AND wilt some freesia about 3 hours before game time. Thank heavens the bouquets were in a part of the fridge that stayed warm enough. This is why you order a few extra. With luck, you'll end up with extras to dot around the reception site and just call it a beautiful surplus.

I really appreciated the variety off the Purple Passion centerpieces and recommend ordering something similar, within your look, to boost the type and texture of blooms and greens your ordering. It freed up the budget to have more to choose from, without having a ton of, say, 3 main blooms. All in all, the bride was happy and it was a success.

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