Sunny & 75 - A December Wedding.

I cannot rave enough about fifty flowers! The process was so easy, and any time I had a question a Fifty Flowers expert was there to help. Whether it was a live chat with Violet, or a text or phone call - this company got me through with ease. The day before the wedding I had about 8 people helping me with the flowers. We ended up buying 10 buckets to keep all of the flowers in & just stored them in a dark room with the AC on 65 (not directly on the flowers).
Each person helping had a different task. Cut flowers, dip flowers in H20, arrange flowers, let me make sure I liked the arrangement, wrap flowers with green waxed floral tape. It was a job, but we saved SO MUCH MONEY. We decided to do boutonnieres for everyone (mothers and grandmothers included), so that took a little stress off making corsages. The boutonnieres (we had 22) took maybe 30 minutes to make all of them.

Do yourself a favor and order from Fifty Flowers. They do not disappoint.

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