Summer Wedding Test Run!

As soon as we decided our budget, I knew that we might have to DIY different elements for our June 2019 wedding! I wasn't fond of the idea of DIY'ing flowers, because I knew I wanted a TON of arrangements, and that it would be hard work. But, after recruiting a "flower crew," we decided that it would be definitely possible with extra hands, not to mention the incentive of saving LOTS of money. As soon as I stumbled upon FiftyFlowers's website, I was sold. A few of my relatives were apprehensive about ordering online, but I was adamant based on all of the glowing reviews, the unbeatable prices, and the HUGE variety. But to please them, I agreed to order a sample pack as a test run to learn more about the entire process first-hand, and I was THRILLED with the result. I was immediately contacted by a consultant who updated me on the order from beginning to end. The flowers arrived promptly, just as sleepy and tired-looking as I could imagine, but with water and plant food, they were looking amazing in a matter of just a few hours. So, not only has my test run sparked my obsession with garden roses, but I am also THRILLED to place my next order for the wedding with even more types of flowers and greenery. I can't wait!!!

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