Summer Celebration of Love

On June 15, 2019, we were able to celebrate the marriage of our youngest daughter. As a mom of three girls, it has always been my desire to do my daughter's wedding flowers. Thanks to FiftyFlowers, I was able to do the flowers for my first daughter's wedding in December of 2015 and now for my youngest. I look forward to once again enjoying making this special memory once more in September when my final daughter marries. The experience of looking through flowers together, reading reviews, anticipating their arrival, unpacking, clipping, watering and caring is all fun and energizing. At least for me it is. I enjoy sharing it with my daughters and the beauty and fragrance the flowers bring to my home for those few days are so enjoyable. However, the greatest joy is making the flowers for my daughter's wedding day. The two of us spending that time together to get the bouquet just the way she wants it. Ensuring the size and weight are right. We want to be sure before it is wrapped that when she looks at it that her face lights up with a smile that takes my breath away. As a mom of three daughters, I live for these moments. Moments where I can be a part of an important memory. Thank you Fifty Flowers for quality flowers that allow me to do that.

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