Summer Arboretum Wedding

I wanted really lush, abundant flowers at my wedding and knew I was going to have to arrange them myself to stay in budget. We built the look around the David Austin peach roses with lots of greenery. Some blue thistles added texture and tied the flowers in with the bridal party's blue suits and slate blue dresses.

We made centerpieces for 12 tables, each table had 3-4 small to medium antique silver and white ceramic containers mixed with vintage books.

The order and delivery process went well, even with a couple shipments being held up in inspections and Hurricane Irma delivery delays. We worked on the flowers all day Friday the day before the wedding. My mom and I worked all day and had help from about 4 more family and friends for a few hours. We put ribbons on bouquets and corsages the morning of the wedding.

Make sure you have lots of clean buckets before your delivery arrives! We had 25 5-gallon buckets for this order and that was just enough. We used some of the flower preservative packets that came with the flowers, but did not order any extra. They seemed to last very nicely. We saved the flower boxes to transport the arrangements and they worked well.

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