Spring Garden Wedding with Oodles of Orange, Peach

For many months, I dreamed about this day and it turned out perfectly, even with blissful warm sunny weather! At first, I looked at Pinterest for some general floral ideas. But then, I realized how much florists cost and started to develop a plan to purchase my own flowers from FiftyFlowers. Our wedding was 10am on a Sunday morning and we had the flowers delivered mostly Thursday. My parents set up a running waterfall using the wheel barrow outside to cut all the flowers and put them in buckets - we bought 12 5-gallon buckets for the project. On Saturday morning, I had 7 friends over and we worked for ~6-7 hours to get all the flowers arranged. It was fun and not stressful because I allocated enough time, and I had a couple wonderful friends who did all the de-stemming so I could just enact the plan and work on the fun bouquets. One thing to keep in mind is that you'll change your mind on at least a few things after you see all the flowers together. We had so many flowers left that I had plenty to give to my mom to arrange for her after party, and then... I knew it was a long shot, but we made a floral arch for the ceremony trellis! I brought a couple buckets of leftover flowers and two foam blocks with zip-ties to the setup morning-of, and my incredible cousin made phenomenal arrangements for the trellis. Everything turned out like a dream. I spent probably at least 100 hours researching and reading blogs to make sure it would all go smoothly and the flowers would be taken care of. DIY is not for the faint-of-heart, but I am so happy with the results.

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