Southern Charm Wedding

When my husband and I got engaged in February 2017, we knew that we wanted to have a wedding before the fall/winter season. This also meant that with a limited budget, limited amount of time and very specific tastes, this would be no small feat. I wanted to be a hands on bride, and do as much as I could myself, without it looking like a poorly done DIY project. Real flowers were a must, not an option. After much research I realized that Even though I had done bouquets before, doing centerpieces and wedding party flowers would be taking on more than I could handle. So I arranged getting my bridal party flowers from a local florist, and took on the task of creating all of the floral arrangements. So I ordered a variety of roses, carnations and stock flowers from fifty flowers and 200 hydrangeas from another online company. Unfortunately, due to hurricane Irma hitting Florida the week before my wedding , the other site was unable to provide the hydrangeas. So my loving husband, fiancé at the time, drove five hours to pick up hydrangeas from the only florist on the east coast who had any in stock. Along with 200 hydrangeas, I created centerpieces for 38 guest tables in three different sizes, and 40 additional flower arrangements for the cake tables, bridal party tables, sweetheart table, stair decor and various other tables. Working with fifty flowers was very simple and the prices were awesome. The flowers were as beautiful as I imagined they would be. Overall, an awesome experience.

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