So Glad It Worked Out

We ordered 150 Chocolate Orange and 100 Crystal White Callas. They were enough to make 2 bridal bouquets, centerpieces, bathroom decorations, 3 boutonnieres and 7 bridesmaids/groom gals. We had 2 bridal bouquets because we wanted to have one for First Look photos and a second one made by the guests during the ceremony. The ones made during the ceremony were tied to chairs and the guests passed them to our mothers. Our mothers collected the flowers and then the groom made that bouquet with his brother. The groom then gave that bouquet to me. It was very sweet! The customer service at Fifty Flowers was impeccable. No question was too silly and they were very patient. We got our flowers two days before the wedding. We put them in buckets and transported them in the buckets the day before the wedding to the venue. The Groom Gals made all the bouquets. Very easy to make with callas. I would definitely recommend Fifty Flowers!

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