Small Wedding at Charming Upstate NY Inn

There were some things I was ok with spending on - great food, great music, and a day of coordinator so I wouldn't have to worry about anything. Flowers were not one of the things that were high on priority list, so I knew I wanted to cut costs where I could. I ordered tons and tons of flowers from Fifty Flowers and spent about 25% of what I would have spent elsewhere. A friend put them all together for me, and they looked fabulous. She loved the flowers so much, she is having a bride next summer order from here as well and she will do the flowers for that wedding as well. The dusty green color in the centerpieces is lamb's ear, which I did not purchase, but picked from a friend's garden, in case you were wondering what it was. Fifty flowers does sell it though, if you don't know someone who will let you raid their garden. :) I received tons of compliments on everything and the centerpieces lasted for 1-2 weeks after my wedding. I let guests take centerpieces home, but I had so many flowers that I still got to enjoy several myself. I'm considering ordering a few dozen more roses sometime next spring or summer, just because they were so beautiful, reasonably priced, high quality, and made me so happy to have around the house. Customer service was also really easy to work with. If you are hesitating about ordering from Fifty Flowers, just do it. :)

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