Small Beach Wedding, Split bouquet

It was a tiny wedding, only 15 people. I way over ordered the flowers, but I wanted all the assortment. My daughter in law had the lovely idea to make 2 -half bouquets - that each of her step-daughters could carry and join together for her bouquet. So I gave my son a velcro ribbon to pull out of his pocket to hook the 2 bouquets together to become the bride bouquet. Such a lovely idea! We covered the entire table in flowers and greenery - and candles. Then set a bouquet over a tall 36" vase filled with water and grass underneath for the center of the table. I had so many flowers I was making arrangements for all the bedrooms, baths and tables everywhere - plus giving out to my neighbors. It took me all day, by myself.. but don't be afraid. You can have so much grander flowers, if you do it yourself. And the superb freshness of the flowers lasts for weeks!!! Arrangements are easy - and you can google how to make a bouquet - but all you need is floral tape, start with center flowers and work your way out. Fifty flowers staff is always so helpful putting things together and making sure you get the timing right. Everything came in on time and fresher than you have ever experienced before. In fact, order early enough for the roses to fully open. This why you must order several days ahead. If you are remotely crafty - you can do this! For large weddings be sure and enlist plenty of help and just put a sample together for them to follow. My second wedding to order from Fifty flowers and I could not be more pleased with their service and prices and help!!!

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